Heating & Cooling a Tiny Home: What Are The Options?

by Sloane Antonacci

A tiny home means a tiny space and there are a lot of things that needs to be taken into consideration when contemplating building and living in a small space. A major consideration is temperature....how do we keep our tiny home at optimum temperature for year round, 4 seasons habitation? Not only do we need to consider how are we going to keep ourselves and our tiny home warm and cosy in the winter months....but we need to think about the other extreme and how we can keep our tiny home cool and relaxing in the hot summer months. 

In this short blog, we are going to have a look at the pros and cons of some heating, cooling 

and air circulation products out there that can be utilised in your tiny home.


This is a more affordable, budget friendly option that can be installed in your tiny home that have proven their worth over the decades when it comes to cooling off a room or home. Not only will a fan help to circulate the air around your home but it can even be a feature in your tiny home and there are a lot of designer fans out there that could help to add that extra cool feature (pun intended!!) to your space. 

Roof Vent Fans

If you vent your house properly, you can sometimes get away with not even needing an air conditioner in your tiny house. Since heat naturally rises, a RV style roof vent can help to keep your tiny home cool. 

Box/Window Mounted Air Conditioners

If you are wanting a cooling and heating option that you can install yourself.....the most affordable and easy installation would be a boxe window mounted AC unit. They are very simple and easy to retrofit into a home by yourself and can be picked up for around $500 or so.

Be warned.....this option is not going to win any beauty awards any time soon and are actually quite ugly to look at so if the design and look of your tiny home is important to you, then the next option we are going to look at is going to be the one for you.

Mini Split AC Units

These are the most aesthetically pleasing and common units used in a tiny house. They work like standard Split System in large homes and have the condenser unit outside mounted to the back end of the tiny house and the main fan unit inside which leads to this 

being the most quiet of the AC units we have considered in this article. The other good thing is these can be mounted anywhere inside the tiny home and will have all the pipes and mechanics inside the walls which makes this unit more desirable when compared to the box AC unit.

Any combination of these options can be used in your tiny home but you just need to consider what will be best for your circumstances. Personally, I would have both a mini split ac unit in conjunction with a feature ceiling fan....both for the aesthetics and overall look of my tiny home but also the fan will help to circulate the cool or hot air from the ac unit around the home.

Whatever you choose has to be right for you and sit with your overall needs and outcome for going tiny in the first place.