No Excess Baggage - The Top 5 Reasons Why Going Tiny WIll Be Super Beneficial For Your Life!!

by Sloane Antonacci

The trend to live tiny is growing rapidly throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Now the trend has steadily been growing in popularity in Australia since the first tiny house show hit our television screens a few years back. 

People from all walks of life have embraced the Tiny Living lifestyle and have opted to ditch their traditional home for a more affordable and cosy tiny home. And you may ask yourself why? In this article, we are going to explore the top 5 reasons why going tiny will be beneficial for your lifestyle and how living minimally can help you to achieve more out of life.

Reason 1: Cutback On Cost Of Living Expenses

Living tiny is a lot easier on the wallet which is no secret. Because a tiny house has a footprint that is a lot smaller than a traditional home, it therefore uses a lot less energy and electricity to power the heating, cooling and lighting in the house. This in turn saves you a lot of money.

This money can therefore be saved to travel and gives you a lot more flexibility to live the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Reason 2: Become A Home Owner - Even If You Didn't Think It To Be Possible!

One of the main reasons a lot of people downsize and go tiny is to be able to achieve that coveted goal of becoming a Homeowner! A lot of people in this day and age don't even set "owning my own home" as one of their goals because it seems impossible. With the cost of living and average house price on the rise in most of Australia's capital cities, the reality is that many will never have the opportunity to buy their first home. 

The tiny house movement has given many the opportunity to own their own home. The average price of a tiny home starts at around $45,000+ and for many in Australia, this has made their far off dream of owning and living in their own home a reality. 

The average cost for a move in ready tiny house is $79,000 - which is actually very achievable for the average Australian. And depending on where you choose to park it, you would only have to pay a very small amount of rent for the land it's on (if you don't own your own land). This also gives you the flexibility to choose exactly where you want to live and to move your home to a new location should you get bored and want a change.

Reason 3: Hello Freedom From Debt!!

Life can be expensive! From student loans to personal loans to credit card debt and higher purchase debt, all people have experience suffering with some form of debt that they would love to free themselves from. 

Downsizing into a tiny home may not be the ideal long term solution for many....but it can definitely be a fantastic short term solution to help you to get rid of debt and save money for your future endeavours.

There’s no shame in cutting back on living costs, getting rid of the  belongings that you don't need and living a more simple life to become more financially stable.

Reason 4: More Time For You!

Spend less time cleaning your home and more time doing the things you love. A tiny house is easy to clean and keep clean because it has a smaller footprint of space.

Space in a tiny house is valuable.....everything has its place and living in a tiny space encourages you to put things away right after using it. Also, your cleaning time is greatly can clean your entire tiny home (bedroom, floors, bathroom, kitchen, etc) within 30 minutes or so and have the rest of your day to do what you want. 

Reason 5: Your Home Can Travel With You - Road Trip Every Weekend!!!

If you're the adventurous type that likes to camp and unwind in different locations on the weekend, then living in a tiny home could be for you.  You can hook your home up to your vehicle on Friday night after work and drive off into the sunset for your weekend adventure....all without having to pack a bag! 

And you won't have to fork out a lot for a pricey b&b or hotel accommodation. The average price for a powered site in a holiday park throughout Australia is roughly $35 - $49 per night. This makes it affordable to go somewhere every weekend (if you wanted) and experience more out of life.....all while having the comforts of home with you.

As we have explored throughout this article, there are a lot of benefits to living in a tiny home. Not only will it help you to own a home, save money, get out of debt and give you more time to yourself - Going tiny can give you the freedom to choose and be adventurous. You could choose to use some of the money you save to do more of the things you want to experience to get the juice out of your life.

If you think you'd like to try out tiny living, there's no time like the present. But it's not always for everyone. Getting rid of possessions and things can be hard and making a lifestyle change can be scary—but it's worth it, even if it's just for a chapter of your life.