Is Living in a Tiny Home the Right Choice for You?

6 April 2021

The ever-rising cost of living is so hard to ignore, which is why more and more people are becoming more open to cheaper ways of living that are still comfortable. These other ways of living are referred to as alternative living, and one of the most effective and commonest of these ways is owning and living in a tiny house.

What are tiny houses?

As per the name, a tiny house is a notably small dwelling, that is usually approximately 400 square feet. Owning a tiny house is undoubtedly an effective way of freeing yourself from the large costs and complexities of living in a large home.

There is even a social trend known as the “Tiny House Movement”, which encourages potential homeowners to downsize their living spaces. This is a trend that is all about simplifying one’s way of living, making it possible to live with less. Tiny houses are a preferred option for individuals who would like to avoid dealing with expensive rent and mortgages.

The majority of people who are against the idea of living in a tiny home feel and claim that such houses are actually too small to be comfortable. On the other hand, the majority of people who support the Tiny House Movement say that it’s significantly easy to build tiny homes that are luxurious.

But is a tiny house right for you?

Tiny houses may be a great alternative living option, but they are simply not for everyone. To determine if owning and living in a tiny home is a good option for you, it’s always advisable that you consider the following factors:


If you have a family, living in a tiny house may not be a great option. That’s in consideration that space may be a little bit tinier than even what a small family of three requires. Besides, the majority of tiny houses are situated in remote locations. As such, your children might miss the opportunity to go to a great school or engage in lots of extracurricular activities.


As mentioned above, the majority of tiny houses are located outside major towns or in remote locations. For this reason, they are best suited to persons who can work remotely or retired individuals.


Before downsizing to a tiny house, you want to ensure that you have land that is cheaply available to you, or even free. In addition, it would be desirable that you chose an area with lenient zoning laws. Failure to make big savings when you choose to downsize would be to go against the tiny house movement philosophy.


There are some individuals who desire to live in a large space and enjoying big home comforts, which is not wrong at all. However, if that describes the kind of person that you are, then a tiny house would not be an excellent choice.

Country living

If you are an urban dweller, it can often be quite uncomfortable when you have to move out of your current city. As such, it’s a great idea if you can consider whether you will be content with a small-town lifestyle before making the move.

If you are intrigued by the idea of alternative living in the form of tiny homes, there are lots of options available. At Teeny Tiny Homes, we make it possible to achieve your dream with as minimal effort as possible. We do our best to give you the comfort and ease of living that you so much desire because that’s our mission.

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