Let’s discuss Floor Plans!

9 November 2020

There aren’t that many ways that you can outlay the interior of our buildings but below, we have a few floor plans that we have found to work the best and have proven popular over the years.

“Most Popular” – The Milan Floor Plan

This floor plan has proven to be our most popular out of the four layouts we do.

It features a large open plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area which feels spacious and open. When you walk into the cabin, it feels a lot larger than you expect.

Also, the bathroom is off the kitchen and includes a full-size semi-frameless glass shower, a new vanity unit and a porcelain flush toilet. Although, we do offer an upgrade option for a composting toilet at an extra cost.

Walkthrough the bathroom to the large private bedroom with plenty of space to fit a Queen or Kingsize bed. Having the bedroom on the end and after the bathroom allows you to keep your bedroom private from visitors using the bathroom as you can close the bedroom door keeping it private.

We can, however, switch the bedroom and bathroom around if you don’t mind your visitors walking through your sanctuary to use the bathroom. Just ask for the “Reversed Milan” when enquiring.

We can also do the Milan Floor Plan as a 2 bedroom….however, you lose the Living area as the 2nd bedroom is built dow the end leaving the Kitchen/Living area in the middle.

“Feels like a house” – The Florence Floor Plan

The Florence is probably our second most popular floor plan as it is very similar to the Milan but features a small hallway which makes the layout feel more homely. However, there are downsides to this floor plan. The hallway takes away valuable space that could be used for installing storage units and shelving and also makes the bathroom feel small and pokey.

The Open Plan Living/Kitchen area, as well as the bedroom area, are still just as spacious as with the Milan floor plan. It really comes down to preference and this floor plan has proven more popular with the older generation who want something that feels more broken up with each area being completely separate from the other areas.

The “O.G” – The Venice Floor Plan

This was the original floor plan we did on our very first building and was the only layout we did for the first year of business.

A large bathroom with all the creature comforts of a regular home down one end with the large private bedroom down the other, leaving the open plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area in the space between.

So depending on what you are after, we can accommodate your needs and if you have any floor plan ideas you want to run by us, please feel free to let us know.

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