Tiny Home Living and Its Benefits

13 September 2021

A tiny home is classified as any dwelling with a total floor plan below 60 square meters. This is as per the International Code of Conduct. It’s an alternate living option that has been gaining momentum around the globe from the US to the UK. In fact, some shows have been made primarily in support of the movement, like the tiny house hunters, which airs on HGTV, and the Tiny House Nation that airs on FYI.

Who Needs A Tiny Home?

There is a slew of reasons why one would want to live big in a tiny house. Here are some of the people that would find this type of home appropriate for them:
Anyone that’s always on the move prefers the comfort of a home as they travel around, unlike staying in a motel.
Anyone that finds it fit to cut down on carbon footprint.
Those who are retired and on a muslin to traverse the country in a comfortable space.
The younger generation in the society are unable to own a sizeable home but would appreciate having a space of their own to call home.
Anyone that wants to avoid the expenses that come with paying for a mortgage but would value being eligible for home insurance.

Advantages Owning a Tiny Home

Owning a tiny house doesn’t limit you from enjoying the perks that any other homeowner has. You will have your own private bedroom, bathroom, living area, and even a kitchen, and you can decorate it however you want. The only difference is that you have a smaller space, and this comes with a myriad of benefits, as discussed below.

1. Freedom of Movement

Tiny houses allow you to bring your home with you as you move around either for work or simply travel. This is especially convenient for people that love travelling while enjoying the comfort of a home.

2. Affordable Living

Tiny homes are more affordable compared to regular homes. To start with, a house can roughly cost you $272,000. On the other hand, Teeny Tiny Home helps you acquire a tiny home for only $41,999. That’s almost ten times the amount saved. Also, the cost of maintenance, electricity and other expenses are lower compared to someone paying a mortgage or living on a rental.

3. Environmental Friendly

A tiny house is a breath of fresh air to the environment. This is because the material that goes into making it is less, it takes a smaller space, less energy is required to power the whole home, and mostly use the composite toilet.

4. Helps to Declutter

Being a tiny house means that you will only need to have the necessary belongings. Old and things that only fill up space can be rid of, making the place tidier.

Do you want to contribute to keeping the environment safe, have an affordable living situation while traversing across the country at the comfort of your home? Then living big in a tiny house will be perfect for you. Don’t wait, call us today

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