Top 5 “Must-Have” Accessories for Your Tiny Home

8 March 2023

Living in a tiny house is becoming more and more common, but we understand if you feel a little overwhelmed by all that it implies. It’s a major transition, requiring you to downsize your possessions and design a multifunctional living area. Fortunately, you can make your area much cosier and spacious by carefully choosing a few furnishings. These are several tiny house accessories that we adore for their simplicity, ease of storage, and better organisation.

Deck Chair

We have terrible news for you if you’re considering buying a tiny house but don’t enjoy being outside: you’ll need to grow to love it! Most tiny homeowners spend a lot of time outside and may even construct a deck once they’ve found a spot to call home. And what use is a deck if there are no comfortable chairs to relax in and sip your morning coffee in? Collapsible deck chairs are the ideal solution for this, and the best part is that they can be safely kept inside the tiny house the next time you move location or easily packed up in the car for a trip to the beach.


Your tiny house’s interior may feel a little confined, but the outside is not that way. A hammock gives a completely new place to relax, whether you have a deck or just some trees to tie it to. A hammock will enable you to spend more time outside, whether you need some privacy (incredibly difficult in a tiny home) or simply prefer to do so. Additionally, they don’t take up much room when not in use.

Foldable Storage

Storage boxes are typically the ideal solution when we need somewhere to throw away our random items without worrying about the clutter. If they can be folded down for simple storage when not in use, that would be even better. They are ideal for open shelving and can liven up any tiny home. Most department stores sell ones made from water hyacinth.

Pegboard Storage

A pegboard is one organisational item that isn’t as popular as it should be. They’re perfect for storing accessible strangely shaped goods like cooking utensils, pots, and pans. They work well as hanging space inside cabinets or keeping things organised in drawers. It only takes a few minutes to rearrange the pegs to make the layout more functional. They are simple to DIY if you have the right tools.

Cable Management Box

Power cords are much more obvious in cramped quarters, and if you have many of them, they can rapidly become tangled. Power boards can be hidden using cable management boxes, which include slots for the cords to exit in a tidy manner. They can then be neatly packed and stored in the box when not in use. They come in various styles to match your interior design in shops like IKEA.

As a tiny home builder in Australia, it is our responsibility to guarantee that the functionality of your tiny home is taken into account given its limited size. Although we can make some suggestions, the decision about how you use that area is ultimately up to you. With these tiny house accessories, you can get things going right and maintain organisation in your home for a very long time. Contact our team at Teeny Tiny Homes for all your tiny home needs.

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