Ways to Keep Your Personal Space in a Tiny Home

23 February 2023

There is no denying that living in a tiny house has many advantages, including lower living expenses and improved sustainability. But if you share a residence with someone else, you might have to give up some solitude. In a tiny house, privacy may seem unattainable because everyone is practically sharing one area, but that doesn’t change the reality that we all need it occasionally. So, what can you do to ensure that you have the space you require? Our expert tiny home builders will give you options depending on your living condition.

Consider Using Separate Living Spaces

This privacy approach will be easy if your ground level has a bedroom. Make sure the bedroom has a door, and you’re good to go. However, you can still utilise various places in your tiny house, even if it has an open floor plan. While the other spends time in the loft bedroom, one person can hang out in the living area. The other person’s presence will require consideration, but you may still carry out different tasks and give each other the space you need.

Build an Outdoor Retreat

Your outdoor living space doesn’t have to be small just because your interior living space is. To spend more time outdoors, many of our customers for tiny homes decide to add a deck to their residences. However, installing a deck or other outdoor living space is another excellent option to create privacy. Take a quick stroll outside to enjoy some sunshine and peace. If you don’t want to use a deck, you can use some comfortable seats or a hammock that you can hang nearby.

Hang Some Curtains

In an open floor plan tiny house, sound can easily spread, yet perhaps all you need is to be out of sight of everyone else. Even while blocking off the entrance to the loft with a curtain won’t do much to reduce noise, it’s a quick and simple approach to add more privacy when you need it. You might even forget the other person is even there if you pair that with noise-cancelling headphones.

Communication is Key

The importance of effective family communication cannot be overstated. Your spouse may still interrupt you even if you’ve put on headphones. Or maybe you just need a little peace and quiet even when you’re with each other. They’ll only understand if you’re honest and let them know what you need at that moment. Of course, you’ll have to reciprocate with an equal level of understanding.

Schedule Your Privacy in Advance

Planning is the greatest approach to ensure you receive the privacy you need. Set aside a specific time each week or month for personal time. Everyone can spend this time alone or engage in a hobby. If you have things planned out in advance, you may greatly lessen the likelihood of a disagreement developing after spending too much time with someone.

Although it can be challenging, maintaining privacy in a tiny home is not impossible. You can lessen your odds of a future meltdown by putting these strategies into practice as soon as possible. Otherwise, it won’t be long before you realise how crucial privacy is—for both children and adults. Everyone will like living in a tiny space more if you ensure everyone has frequent access to some level of privacy.

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