What Makes Teeny Tiny Homes Different?

10+ Years Experience in Business

With most businesses statistically forecasted to fail within the first 3-5 years of operation, you can rest assured that Teeny Tiny Homes is here to stay. We have been successfully operating and growing since we opened in September 2016, providing over 300+ housing and office solutions since we began.

With more than 15 years of successfully owning and operating numerous businesses in a few different industries (many of which are still operating very successfully), our company director and CEO, David Antonacci, has the experience and know how to continue to lead Teeny Tiny Homes into the future. You, as a customer, can have the peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing from a reputable and experienced manufacturing company.


5-Year Structural Warranty

We offer a 5-Year structural warranty on all our buildings. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that our buildings are structurally sound since we are providing a warranty on our structures.

100% Australian Owned and Operated

Teeny Tiny Homes is an Australian family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing an affordable solution to our housing crisis. Originally from Melbourne Victoria, our family relocated to Brisbane Queensland in 2009, and have been running multiple successful businesses in Brisbane ever since.

Galvanised Steel Skid Base

Our skid base are engineered and fabricated using Galvanised steel beams and floor joist. Galvanised steel won’t rust easily, and this assures that our buildings last the test of time.

Steel Frame Construction

We use 100% steel frames when constructing our buildings. You can rest easy knowing that our buildings will not twist, buckle, or warp during transport. We structurally engineer and design the frames for every building to suit the ratings applicable to each customers property. We don’t have a “one design fits all” when it comes to the structural integrity of every building we manufacture.
Also, there no need to worry about termites endangering the structural integrity of your home, as we don’t do timber construction, unlike some of our competitors.

Australian Colourbond Steel Roofing & Exterior Wall Sheeting

We use Australian Colourbond steel roofing and exterior wall sheeting, Proven to stand the test of time, and the harsh conditions of the Australian weather – whether rain or shine.

Manufactured to meet the Australian Building Code and Standards

Each building is carefully designed and built to meet the Australian Building code and standards. This assures that you each building is compliant and will be certified easily if you plan to proceed with getting council approvals and certification on your property.

We use Bradnams Windows and Sliding Doors

Our windows and sliding doors are supplied to us by Bradnams Doors & Windows – another great Australian manufacturer. A form 15 is provided for the doors and windows with every building.

Custom Designed & Personalised to meet your needs

Our floor plans and layouts are completely customisable, and we can personalise these to meet your needs. We sit down with you for a design consultation, where we help you to make your dreams and ideas for a home a reality, right before your eyes. We go over colour and finishes options with you also during this design consultation.

High Ceiling heights – 2400 mm to 2800 mm raked ceilings internally

We offer high, raked ceilings in all our buildings, which help to create the illusion of spaciousness in what is otherwise a relatively small space. With ceilings needing to be a minimum of 2400mm in a residential home, our buildings are fully compliant and built to meet the Australian standard for a class 1A residence.

All Plumbing, Electrical & Waterproofing Works done by QBCC Certified Trade Contractors

We use QBCC registered trades to undertake and complete the plumbing, electrical work and wet area waterproofing in every building. Forms and certifications are provided for all the works completed by these trades.

All Forms & Certificates provided for Council Approvals & Permits

We provide the following forms and certificates with every building we manufacture: